D is for Dow

Today’s letter is D. I had a little bit of trouble deciding on what to talk about today. I’m going to stick with Thomas Dow. Thomas and his family are quite interesting the more I learn about them.

Thomas Dow came to the US in the 1630s but his origin is unknown. Some believe he is from Scotland others say England. What do we know is that he along with his wife Phebe were among the first settlers of Newbury, Mass. Little known to them but two other families in my tree were also founders of this town.

The following paragraph was taken from “The Book of Dow”. The Book Two pertains to my line of Dows.

Coming to the United States with little money was common back in those times. I feel for Thomas and his growing family, because I’ve had experience with not having enough food to feed everyone. What I love about his family is that they got out of this “poor” life. Below is another excerpt from “The Book of Dow”.

The fighting spirit of the Dow family still lives on in my own family today. We never take anything lying down and we are always fighting to better our lives and those around us. They traveled across the ocean for a better life and they made sure that everyone had one. I’m proud to say that I am related to them.

Thomas lived in Newbury for 14 years before settling in Haverhill, Mass. Haverhill was a new town and Thomas moved with his wife and four youngest children. He was only there for 6 months before he passed away.

My research on Thomas Dow and his family came by accident. I wanted to learn something about a family member I had no information on. I am so glad that I did because he was quite the great guy who led his family to do many amazing things.


3 responses

  1. Hello cousin! Thomas Dow is my 9th great-grandfather. I am descended from his daughter, Mary, who married Gilbert Wilford.

    1. Hello there cousin! That’s awesome. You’re the first person I found with a common ancestor. How cool 🙂

  2. The wonder never ends while researching your family history.

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