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Black Sheep Sunday – John Emery

Yesterday I was filling in some more of my family group sheets and something caught my eye.

John Emery was born about 1599 in England. He was christened on my birthday of March 29th. When John was 21 he married Mary or Alice in England. In 1635 they traveled to the New World on board the ship James with his brother Anthony and their families. They arrived in Boston on June 3rd 1635. John was an innkeeper in Newbury, Mass. He and his wife had four children before she passed away before 1646.

In 1646 John was fined for paying too much attention to a married woman. That woman was Bridget, wife of Henry Travers. He was “bound not to frequent her company”. I haven’t been able to find anything else about this case. I am interested in what he actually did. What was considered “too much attention”?

In 1647 John married Mary Shatswell the widow of John Webster. I am a descendant from a child of John Emery and his first wife as well as Mary Shatswell and John Webster. In fact it was Emery’s daughter that married her step-brother, the child of Mary and Webster. The children got married after the parents. Not sure how I feel about that just yet.

John’s court appearances were not over just quite. In 1663, he was fined £4 for entertaining Quakers in his house. Up until this point I didn’t know it was bad to be associated with Quakers. I would love to find out more about this case as well.

Mr. Emery’s life might not scream black sheep to a lot of people but he’s becoming one of the more interesting people in my tree. He seems like a normal guy that loved the ladies and enjoyed having a good time with the wrong people. What’s so bad about that?