E is for England


Yesterdays letteris E. The one thing that comes to mind is England. About 97% of my family lines come from England from the 1600s. What is amazing to me is that they came from all over the country and settled in the “New World” withing 15 years apart of each other. Over 400 years later their DNA would be passed down to me and my family, a combination of the entire English culture.

What made them leave everything they had and all their family to come to a hostile country in pursuit of a better life? Was religious freedom the main reason for them all? I know for my ancestor Thomas Fuller (tomorrow/today’s topic), he came to survey the country and never left. What I do know is that if any one of these 100+ people decided not to make that life changing move I might not be here today.

I’ve always had a love for the British and I hope to one day go back to the “Mother country”. I have a feeling that I will feel at home there. Until then, I will keep researching their lives and hopefully find out one day why they came.


One response

  1. It’d sure be nice to have the answer to the “What made you leave?” question wouldn’t it. I mean it’s a big deal to move state these days, let alone country, and we can do it easier now that they could back then. So something must’ve been very compelling to leave or come to. Cross fingers we find out the answer for at least some along the way 😉

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