C is for Canadian Census

Today’s post for Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge is C. There is one branch of my family that lived in Canada for a time and I was so excited to see a census for them. Below is the report for Jonathan Hayes’ family.

I was so excited to find this record. Not only because it listed the religion of my family, but I finally had a general date of birth for Clarinda. Do you see that big black spot on the page? Yeah that happens to be where my family is listed. Line 40 -44. I can’t read the occupation for Jonathan or Clarinda so for now it’s still a mystery.

This is the only piece of their life that I have for now, so thank you Canada for recording their presence.


One response

  1. I can feel your excitement at finding this record, but I can also feel the let down of your family being the one with the back blob of ink on (Murphy’s Law aint it). The highs and lows of genealogy. But we stick at it.

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