Isn’t it funny..

.. that when you make plans, life tends to get in the way. Back in June I wanted to start posting here again, but things happen and decisions needed to be made. But enough about that. This is a genealogy blog after all right?

A while back someone shared with me a website that has free digital copies of many old US newspapers. I’ve tried looking at but they didn’t have any newspapers from Vermont at the time. Taking a shot in the dark I started looking up my ancestors. To my surprise I found quite a few of them. I had no idea that back in the late 1800’s any news was worthy of being posted in the newspapers.

For example:

The Vermont Watchman (15 Apr 1896)

Mr. Fuller is my 3x great grandfather. Along with his father in law Luther Blanchard, I have found nearly a hundred little snippets like the one above. I’m slowly starting to look up my aunts/uncles and cousins in these newspapers to get a better look at the life my family had. While I was looking for possible criminal cases, births, marriage, or deaths, I think I found something much more valuable to my research. 

When I started searching for my family, I wanted to get to know the people who had helped create me. They were real living, breathing human beings and I feel closer to them each day I found an article like the one above.  I can’t wait to start sharing these snapshots into my ancestors lives with you all.


** The website I mentioned is Chronicling America **


*Waves* Remember me?

Ah, it feels so good to stretch my genealogy legs this week. As some things settle down in my life I’ll finally be able to get back to writing about my family tree. I have so much I wanted to write about the Fuller and Blanchard families. It’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted, but it feels so much longer.

So on this Father’s Day, I’m going to do all my ancestor dad’s proud and pick up that binder and begin retelling their stories. Let them never be forgotten!

Those Places Thursday

Solomon Keyes house


Solomon Keyes family house.

Wordless Wednesday – Life Magazine 1958


Tombstone Tuesday – Thomas and Elizabeth Lynde

Thomas Lynde 1693

Here lyes ye [the] body of
Ensign Thomas Lynd[e]
Aged 78 years died ye [the]
15 of October 1693.

Also the body of
Elizabeth his wife.
Aged 81 years died ye [the]
2 of September 1693.

Thomas and Elizabeth are buried in Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Mass.

Those Places Thursday

Thomas Lynde Melrose, MA 1670-1956

Thomas Lynde house,  Melrose, MA 1670-1956

Wordless Wednesday – Life Magazine 1958

I’ve decided that for the coming weeks to do a series of Wordless Wednesday posts involving ads or articles I’ve found in copies of Life Magazine from 1958. I was gifted about 10 of them a few years ago and until now they’ve been sitting around collecting dust. I hope you enjoy them.



Tombstone Tuesday – Mary Cook Green

Mary Cook Green 1715

Mary Cook Green 1649-1715

I’m not sure what it says on her tombstone. Mary is buried in Bell Rock Cemetery in Malden, Mass.

Those Places Thursday

Thomas Fuller house middleton mass in 2010

Thomas Fuller house in Middleton, Mass in 2010.

Wordless Wednesday – Rev Thomas Carter

Ordination of Rev Thomas Carter. Painting by Albert Thompson

Ordination of Rev Thomas Carter. Painting by Albert Thompson