Almost 10 months later

I have no good reasons why I don’t update this site more often. I have the best intentions but they never come to see the light of day. I was thinking about posting today and I glanced over on my wall and saw this picture.

Luther and Martha Blanchard

Now it may not be much to look at. This is my 4th great grandfather Luther Blanchard and his wife Martha. A while ago a wonderful new cousin (someone I connected with on Ancestry) wrote a message to me. She shared that we had a common ancestor in Luther and she wanted to know what I knew about my side of the family. She said that she had a picture and was willing to send it to me. I was completely shocked because Luther is the grandfather of Aimee Fuller, who you all know is the reason I started researching my family history. No one in my family had ever seen a picture of these two so I had no idea what to expect. To say that I was completely shocked was an understatement. Martha looks almost exactly like my mother and a I have a lot of Luther in my face now as well.

My cousin also included this little note:

“My grandmother wrote of Luther “He was blue eyed, red haired with a liking for fun although he hated being laughed at which his older sisters did as they were older and teased him unmercifully.He must have been handsome as a young man as he was still very good looking with twinkling eyes, pink cheeks and hair which had darkened to brown though his beard was always red. He had a good voice and sang in the choir as did a pretty little girl name Martha Hibbard with whom he fell in love. Before he could be sure she loved him, her family moved away to New York state. However she came back and spent part of her time with her aunt and uncle in East Braintree so the friendship continued until at last Luther made a trip to NY and brought home a wife.”

I love this little note. I now know where my red hair, which also turned to brown came from. No one in my family was born or had red hair. I always thought I was adopted because of this. At least I would think this when I was angry at my mother. I have always heard about people meeting relatives on Ancestry or through other genealogical searches and I’m happy to say I have one now.


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