Military Monday – Stephen Fuller

I’m asking for help on today’s Military Monday. I have two records pertaining to a Stephen Fuller. I’m having trouble transcribing them to make sure they are for my ancestor. If anyone could me get a handle on these that would be so much help. You can click on each image to see the full size.

The first one below might be “from” Stephen’s wife Lydia. That’s about the only words I can pick out of this whole page and understand. Under her name I can see the state Vermont mentioned and that’s why I saved this document. I’m not entirely sure its for.

Lydia Fuller Doc for Stephen

The second image I think is about Stephen himself. The only reason I question this is because it says it’s from Mass. Stephen to the best of my knowledge lived in Vermont at the time. I suppose it’s not a stretch, but I wanted some help to make sure  before I add it to his file.

Stephen Fuller Rev War statement

The reason these are so important to me is that I hope to prove a connection that Stephen was in the Revolutionary War. I hope to one day apply for the Daughters of the American Revolution and will need this info. So if you can help me transcribe this, I would be very grateful.


3 responses

  1. I will look at these later today when not on my small iPhone screen. But the fact that the second document gives Stephen’s location in Western Massachusetts would be a positive one. Many families from western Massachusetts moved back and forth from Vermont. You might want to check how close Monson is to the town in Vermont where he also lived.

    1. That would be awesome thank you. I don’t have much time these days and have just wrote a bunch of stuff to post once each day for a while. I have so much to catch up on 😦

      1. I don’t have much time either but I will try to do a transcription for you some time this week. There are a couple guides or aids in the family search website to help one learn to read old handwriting.
        From what I read last night there is nothing that would convince me either way that these are your Stephen and Lydia Fuller. You would definitely need other sources to help confirm their identities. I am also at a disadvantage because I don’t have your other documentation.

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