Tombstone Tuesday – Kermit Roy Cullum

Kermit grave

My great grandfather Kermit was born on 16 July 1918 to parents Bernie Cullum and Violet Tibbets. On 1 October 1945 he married Veda Thomas, daughter of Fred Thomas and Aimee Fuller. They had two children, Sheila and Kermit Jr. before divorcing in 1955. Kermit never remarried but had another daughter. He passed away on Halloween in 1962 in New Hampshire from a heart attack. He’s buried in Ascutney Cemetery, Windsor, VT with his parents and little sister.

This is the first time that I have see Military stuff on a grave stone. I’m not sure what all of it means but I do know a little.

PFC – Private First Class
QM – QuaterMasters

He was a handsome guy and I wish I could have known him.



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  1. Have you looked at some of the veterans databases available on Ancestry?

    1. I have thought about it, but I don’t have access to Ancestry anymore. I’ll see if my friend can look it up for me. Thanks!

      1. I did find him in a couple but they did not provide any additional information as far as his rank. There is his enlistment record which has his education and profession.

      2. really? Is there anyway that you could email me that record? We have no idea what he did or anything about his schooling. That would be really awesome even if you could just type it in here 🙂

      3. I can definitely do that. Feel free to email me your email address to or you can just post it here.

      4. You rock! I’ll email you now. or if you catch this first it’s

      5. I have been busy working on my BU genealogy coursework all day and have just gotten back on line. I will try to remember to email you after I finish writing tomorrow’s blog. 🙂

      6. I just sent four records so let me know if you got them. I am also intrigued by Kermit’s mother’s maiden name Tibbetts. I have been doing some research for a friend for years and she has Tibbetts in her family too.

      7. I got the email. You rock! I can only go back to Violet’s grandfather. Her father was Willis/William Tibbetts and her grandfather was Thomas J Tibbetts born in 1825 in NH. Unfortunately that’s where the trail ends for me for now.

      8. Do you know if his enlistment says Hawaiian Department he served in Hawaii?

      9. I don’t know about that one. I am still learning to figure out military records myself.

  2. I believe GP stands for General Purpose.

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