As one thing comes to an end another begins.

I finally finished my novel! It’s in the process of being proofread from four of my very smart and dear friends. I hope to get it ready for self-publication in the next month or so. I’m so excited to finally finish it. After two years of hard work on it I’m left with a hole.

On that note I have set goals for my genealogy research for 2013. I hope they fill in that hole.


1.) Finish filling out all the family group sheets and pedigree charts for each line. I have about 350 families to put onto group sheets. So far I’m about 100 in. Since I have no regular access to a printer I’m writing it all down my hand. It’s a slow process and hopefully I can finish it.

2.) Fill out sources and attach copies of records to each family group sheet. When I started my research I didn’t know I needed to worry about citing my information. As I’m filling in the family group sheets I’m also making sure I have the correct proof for each of my dates and family members. I could have saved myself a lot of time if I had only researched the correct ways to fill out a tree instead of jumping in head first.

3.) Transcribe all documents. I have spent most of my time searching for records or filling out family group sheets, that I haven’t had time to transcribe any documents. I know that the entire story of my ancestors are in the small details of these records. I hope to get most if not all of them transcribed this year.

4.) Research genealogy software and decide what’s best for me. I’m using family tree maker right now, but I’m not sure that I like it. I know several other people use programs like Roots Magic and Legacy. I need to take some time and try each of then out and decide what works best.

5.) Pick a family and start to trace the collateral lines. I often get distracted while researching direct ancestors. They usually have very interesting brother or sisters. I would love to start working on the other family members of a chosen couple.


I have many more goals for this year, but those are the most important five. For today, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the completion of my novel.


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  1. Sounds like you have a great plan of attack! I don’t think there is a genealogist alive who hasn’t regretted not sourcing information correctly in the beginning, myself included. And definitely trace those collateral lines. I’ve found so much information about my direct line by doing just that.
    And congrats on finishing your novel! That is fantastic.

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