Q is for Questions

I think it’s safe to say that 95% of people start their genealogy search because they have questions. Whether it’s about their ancestor’s lives or health history. It always starts with a question. My personal search started with “What happened to Aimee Thomas’ children?” Once I found out the answer I had even more questions I wanted to know. “What country did we come from?” “Do we really have Native American blood?” “Are we descendants of Kings?”

I was a tad disappointed when the a few answers revealed that we were just normal people who were the backbone of the country. When I started to get into the stories of their lives, I learned that even the “normal” people had extraordinary lives.

The following are 5 of the remaining hundreds of questions that I still have.

1.) Who are Louise Marie Bergen (Berginbeth)’s parents and what country did she come from?

2.) Was Hannah Ross b. 31 Mar 1679 the daughter of John Ross?

3.) If Hannah Ross is the daughter of John Ross, is he the same John Ross who along with his father Daniel were captured by Cromwell’s army in Scotland at the end of the Third English Civil War?

4.) Did Josiah Blanchard b. 1698 die in Spain?

5.) Who are my paternal great grandparents?

I hope the answer to these questions as well as all the others I have are answered one day. But the answer to one question usually brings about 10 more.


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