P is for Putnam

Any New England history buff or even movie buffs for that matter should know about the Putnam family. They were synonymous with the Salem Witch Trials. I’ll talk more about the trials later. For today I want to talk a little bit about this family’s history in America.

Lieutenant Thomas Putnam eldest son of John and Priscilla Putnam, baptized Ashton Bucks Co., England March 7, 1614, and died Salem Village Massachusetts May 5, 1686. Thomas participated in the famous Narragansett fight, being Lieutenant of the troop of Horse. He was married at Lynn, Massachusetts August 17, 1643 to Ann, daughter of Edward and Prudence (Stockton) Holyoke one of the most prominent and aristocratic families in the Colony and founders of the present city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. She occupied in the church the principal pew reserved for women, the leading church distinction in that day. Her death occurred Sept 1, 1666. Lt. Thomas and Ann (Holyoke) Putnam were the grandparents of Major General Israel Putnam, and great grandparents of Major General Rufus Putnam. Ann Holyoke Putnam was the great aunt of Edward Holyoke, President of Harvard University from 1737-1769. (*Taken from Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont*)

After the death of his first wife, Lt. Putnam married Sept 14.1666 Mary Veren widow of Nathaniel Veren, a wealthy merchant of Salem, Massachusetts, she died in March 1694. On November 11, 1672, Lt. Putnam was made Chairman of the Committee to carry on the affairs of the Church Parish. He was the wealthiest citizen of Salem. (*Taken from Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont*)

Son, Sgt. Thomas, born Salem Jan 12, 1652. Baptized in the First Church and he died Salem, Massachusetts, May 26, 1699. On Sept 25, 1678 he was married to the youngest daughter of George and Elizabeth Carr of Salisbury, her death occurred in Salem June 8, 1699. Thomas Putnam received a liberal education and wrote a fine clear hand. Many of the records of the Witch Craft trials, in which he took a prominent part, were written by him. He was the largest taxpayer in Salem, and a man of great influence in the Massachusetts Colony. (*Taken from Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont*)

With that it leads us into S. However I don’t want to skip any letters so we’ll have to wait to talk about the Salem Witch Trials.


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  1. Another close relative! Thomas Putnam is my 8th great grand uncle. I descend from his brother, Nathaniel.

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