M is for Moore-Mcclelland

Every family has at least one adoption. For my family one of these would be my maternal grandfather. He was born William Moore on Nov 28, 1942 in Ohio. His birth parents are Ida and Isaac Moore. Not must is known about his birth parents other than the story his adoptive parents have told.

When William was a few months old, a couple came into a bar for a late/early drink. While they were enjoying each others company they overheard a woman. She was boasting about the baby she had upstairs who they had either given alcohol or drugs to. Appalled, the woman left the table and  went upstairs. After seeing the conditions the baby was living in they took him. We assume they made a deal with the birth parents, but it’s unknown what the details were.

The couple that took him in was Florence McClelland and her husband. They intended to only keep baby William for a few days, but decided to adopt him. William Moore became Bradford McClelland, although he wouldn’t legally change his name until 1992, 50 years later.

Bradford’s daughter from his second marriage recently found his birth record. We learned that his birth parents had four other children by the time he was born. We never knew anything about them being there that night.

What would have happened to my grandfather had the McClelland’s not stepped into that bar that night? Searching for his family has been nothing but dead ends so far. I haven’t given up hope yet that I might learn what they actually saved him from.



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