L is for Luther

Today’s letter is L. Luther Waters Blanchard is my 4th great grandfather. He was born on April 1st, 1833 in Brookfield, Vermont. He married Martha Hibbrad in Braintree, Vermont on September 7th, 1865. He passes away on September 15, 1906 in Brookfield, Vermont.

Those are just dates and numbers relating to a man who lived so long ago. What I wanted to know when I started searching for him, was his life story. Luther had eight children within the span of ten years. Other than the 1860 Census where he was living in Braintree, he was born and died in the same town in Vermont. That in itself is amazing to me, because I’ve moved around my whole life.

The most interesting thing that I’ve found on Luther was this: (I cropped the image to just show Luther, if you are interested in seeing the entire image I can send a copy to you)


It’s a Civil War Draft Registration record. I have yet to find any other family member with a similar record. I don’t know if because we were in the North, my families didn’t think they should fight, or I just haven’t found the records yet, but I was excited to find this one.

I don’t know if Luther ever actually fought in the war, but I do know that he was going to fight for the Union. Of course as an American today, that is great news for me. I know that a lot of my ancestors fought in the American Revolution and the French and Indian Wars but until finding this I thought that was the end of our Military experience until the mid 1900s.

I hope to continue my search on  Luther and his family and look forward to finding more Civil War stuff from the rest of my ancestors.


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