G is for Genealogy Forms

Yesterday’s letter was G. For some reason I only seem to be able post every other day. So here’s G, something that I don’t like to spend my time doing but it’s an important part of keeping track of the family tree.

As I’ve said before when I started researching my tree I jumped in head first not knowing a thing about how to do it correctly. My naive self thought that I could use what other people had in their trees as a single source to grow mine. That wasn’t a huge mistake, but it’s had some draw backs. The only good thing that came from that is I have an “idea” of who to look for when searching for ancestors now.

After looking over that first tree I noticed so many errors I scrapped it. The second time I went to Ancestry I did a mix of documents and other people’s trees. This yield a much better result but now I have a ton of random documents and my tree is still a mess.

When my Ancestry account ran out I decided it was time to get a hold of my tree and start to see who was on it. I researched different organization systems and found none of them to suit me. Once I had it planned out I needed a way to display the information I had that would best help me in seeing the life my ancestors.

This leads me to yesterday’s letter. Genealogy Forms are the most time consuming thing I’ve ever tried to tackle. I have about 350 families in my tree at the moment. I’m working on putting them all on Family Group Sheets. Because I don’t have access to a printer I decided that I would hand write all of these sheets in a spiral notebook. What a mistake that is, but I’ve started and can’t stop now.

At the same time I’m filing these out I’m recording what documents I have for that person. Another form comes with that and then there is the timeline for each ancestor. When I’m finished I expect to have over 1000 pages for my family. Hopefully that will help me in writing the family history I started out to do.

Without these forms I would have never noticed things were wrong with my tree. They are a pain in my butt but it’s important to get it all down and easily searched when needed.


3 responses

  1. I am having trouble leaving a comment. I hope this works. 🙂

  2. You’re so right, the paperwork is a paid, but very necessary. Well done for taking on the task, and you’ll certainly appreciate it when you’ve got it complete (if it ever finishes). ;D

    1. Believe me I thought about giving up and saying, well no one cares about this but me and as long as I know it’s right who cares.. but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. 🙂

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