B is for Braintree

Today’s post for Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge is B. There are so many things I could talk about starting with B that relates to my family history. I chose to talk about Braintree, VT.

Braintree is one of the three town starting with B in Vermont that my family settled in. Not only have we lived there until the 1970s, but a branch of the family were actually founders of the town. My seventh great grandfather Jonathan Holman was a proprietor of Braintree. He owned land but never lived there himself. His son and my 6th great grandfather Solomon was given all of his fathers land after he died. Below is the excerpt of from Jonathan’s Will.

Jonathan was also apart of the committee that decided where the roads would be cut out for the town. Solomon made the bricks for the chimney in the old meeting house and also helped survey the town.

It’s a shame that some of this land didn’t follow all the way down through my family branch.




One response

  1. I can understand your very special connection the town, as some of my reli’s founded the town which I grew up in. It’s nice to have that connection.

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