Jumping in Head First

I started researching my family history this March after watching the NBC show “Who do you think you are”. I had no idea  what I was doing. I signed up for a free trial of Ancestry.com and put in the few family members I knew and off I went.

At the time I was only concerned with getting as many people on the tree as I could. I didn’t know about getting the documentation to back it all up. I was able to use the family trees of other people to trace a few lines back to the late 900s and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Then the trial ended and I took a break from the tree for a while. I watched a few more shows and started reading Genealogy websites learning how to do it correctly. I quickly realized that I had been doing it all wrong and a lot of mistakes were in my tree.

In August I decided it was time to clean up the tree. I was given access to a friend’s ancestry account and for 8 days I tried to get as much physical documents and records as I could for everyone in my tree. I never thought I would see the end of the list, but it finally came.

Since then I have trimmed my tree down to when my family came over to the US in the mid to late 1600s. I figured that would be a good stopping point for now. They were mainly settled in the New England area so going to different record offices should be fairly easy.

I’m going through each person and family one by one to match up the records I have to the ones that I still need. I’ve already found out so much about my family that I’m starting to recognize certain traits within myself. I come from a long line of strong women and that’s something I can be proud of.

So please join me on this journey and if you have any tips to offer please let me know.


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